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Peels And More...
Chemical Peels to give your skin a radiant glow
Helps Restore the Skin's Young Look
Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Injections to Remove Deep Wrinkles
Restylane and Juevderm Fillers
Skin Care Products Through the Physician
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Chemical Peels
Dead Skin Cells
•  Dead Cell Removal
•  New Cell Growth
•  Radiant Skin Glow
Provides A Deeper
Form Of Exfoliation
     Can Improve:
•  Skin Texture
•  Mild Scaring
•  Brown Spots
•  Acne
Frees The Skin Of
Dead Cell Layers
     Can Remove:
•  Top Layer of Skin
•  Facial Hair
•  Dead Cells
Chemical Peels
Chemical peels dissolve dead skin cells.  The deeper the peel penetrates, the more visible results you can achieve.  Each chemical peel promotes new cell production leaving your skin with a radiant glow.  With each treatment we are able to increase strength to accommodate each patients different needs.  Results will vary from client to client.  Following are the types of peels we offer:
Glycolic Acid Peel - This is derived from fruit acids, it helps to accelerate cell reproduction stimulating collagen and elastin.
Salicylic Acid Peel - Soluble beta hydroxy acid is derived from aspirin and is remarkably effective for oily and acne prone skin. Great for fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment.
AFA Facial Clay Peel - This is a two step peel for the face, designed to optimize the unique benefits of acidified Amino Acid.  Together, the two steps optimize the skin exfoliation, while causing minimal irritation.  The treatment promotes cell turnover by exfoliating the skin and removing dead or damaged skin cells.
AFA Body Clay Peel - This two step peel for the body is designed to optimize the unique benefits of acidified Amino Acid and apply them to the often heavily sun-damaged areas of the chest and back of hands.  The appearance of these areas of the body is typically very important to the majority of patients, and natural skin damaged can be extensive.   This system improves photo-damaged skin by promoting cell turnover through exfoliation of the skin removing dead or damaged skin cells.  Patients will notice immediate results in the texture of their skin.
Microdermabrasions - Microdermabrasions are very beneficial to the skin because they provide a deeper form of exfoliation.  Crystals are delivered at a high velocity onto the skin surface and immediately vacuumed away taking a layer of dead skin cells with it.     Microdermabrasions can improve rough skin texture, mild scaring, uneven pigmentation, brown spots, acne, blackheads and stretch marks.  Skin cells are turned over every 7 days, so this treatment can be done as often as once a week.

Microdermabrasion Treatment Room

Microdermabrasions and Chemical Peels work well together alternating Chemical Peel one week and Microdermabrasions the next week.
Dermaplaining - This treatment frees the skin of dead cellular layers and proteins.  By removing the top layer of skin, including facial hair, it also lessons the appearance of fine lines and brown spots.  You will feel a dramatic change in the texture of your skin immediately after treatment.  Great alternative to waxing without stretching or irritating the skin.

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